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State: Northern Territory

Location: 40mins from Darwin

Population: 10,000 - 12,000

Biggest Industry: Mango growing

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Humpty Doo

Humpty Doo is the land of five-acre blocks where locals thrive on their tropo rural lifestyle. While lots of the town's residents work in nearby Darwin, they come home to their own little chunks of top end paradise.

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AWOL hits Humpty Doo

Crowdthumbnail1Humpty Doo goes crazy for AWOL. Take a look at photos and video from the night.

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Unearthed Songwriting Workshop

SongwritingOn the morning of the Humpty Doo concert - the bands playing held a songwriting workshop chaired by the Doctor.

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AWOL Trivia Night at the Humpty Doo Hotel

The triple j crew held a trivia night at the Humpty Doo hotel on the eve of the AWOL concert. Check out the photos from the night.

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Video of burnout at Humpty Doo hotel

If you ever doubted that people actually do burnouts INSIDE the Humpty Doo hotel.... here's proof.

Meet Bluey, the local who wouldn't let triple j leave town without video evidence.

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The snake charmer: Growing up with reptiles


Ellee's been handling snakes since she was a baby.

Come and check out her family's collection of snakes, goannas, lizards and crocs!

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