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State: Queensland

Location: Far north Queensland

Population: 8,000 – 12,000

Biggest Industry: Bananas

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Innisfail got its 15 minutes of fame under pretty nasty circumstances. Last March it copped the full brunt of Cyclone Larry. Thousands of houses were damaged when the eye of the storm passed over lashing the coastal town with 290km/h winds.

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Innisfail - a multicultural mixing pot

MultitnailWith their thick 'Strine accents you might think all the white Innisfail locals have descendents going back to the First fleet.

But get chatting to young people and you'll find heaps of them have a diverse multi-cultural heritage. The place is full of Australian Italians, Australian Greeks, Australian Maltese, Australian Irish and Australian Hmong people.

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Tom's Road Blog: Face to face with a Cassowary


Jumping in the pen with the world’s most dangerous bird was a little disconcerting.

More relaxing was a trip to check out the rainforest as it bounces back from the cyclone.

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Tom's Road Blog: Chasing Larry


First day on the ground and it felt like I was following in the footsteps of Cyclone Larry.

I wasn’t ripping anyone’s roof off or smashing banana crops, I was meeting people who’re still working really hard to bounce back from the category five cyclone that rocked the area 17 months ago.

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Innisfail: League town FNQ

LeaguetnailInnisfail’s got a rich rugby league heritage.

There’s a sign on the way into town honouring the two Innisfail locals who’ve made the Queensland mens side.

Lots of young men and women in town can't get enough of league, either chasing their shot at the big time, or just cause they bloody love the game.

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Singalong at Innisfail High

Tnail2A national singalong happened today, and students at Innisfail High got involved.

Well, some students. Not everyone was overly keen on the specially commissioned song that the Federal government hopes will get more people studying music at school.

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